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This letter is written to express my great appreciation to the law firm Karasik Law Group, and namely attorney Olga Karasik, for providing the highest level of professional competency while working with us.

During my selection of a law firm in Los Angeles with Russian speaking attorneys, I met with twelve attorneys, spent seven business days in those meetings, and believe that I made the optimal choice.

My opinion is based not only on my personal impression, but on more than two years of successful work with my attorneys with an accomplished result as the most important factor.

With the legal assistance and support of Karasik Law Group, I started a successful restaurant project in Los Angeles from scratch and received an EB-5 (Green Card for investors), resolving dozens of other difficult tasks along the way.

I want to point out that all our issues were promptly addressed and resolved by our attorneys for a very reasonable price, which rarely happens not only in Russia but also in the United States where many attorneys are focused not so much on the client’s issues and timing as on generating a large bill to squeeze more money out of you.

Karasik Law Group became for us a very reliable and responsible partner that protected and advanced and continues to protect and advance our interests in the United States.

Moreover, because of Olga Karasik, we obtained many helpful and useful connections in many areas of business, which also helped us to save plenty of time and money.

I believe that working with Karasik Law Group is an optimal solution for Russian speaking entrepreneurs considering organizing their business in the United States.

Peter S.


, but also exceptional human qualities. The attorneys of Karasik Law Group accomplished the practically impossible and won our case.

The attorneys of Karasik Law Group know and understand not only the laws of the United States and California, but the laws of Russia as well, which give them a significant advantage in comparison to other firms.

We wish them even more success and new horizons.

With great respect and appreciation,

Your client,

Petr K.

Satisfied Working with Olga Karasik

If you want a recommendation, we are vey satisfied with working with Olga Karasik. After  our experience with previous immigration attorneys, it is just a pleasure working with Olga.

Mikhail Tokovinin